Premium Home Page Advertising

Promote Your Business by Occupying Advertising Space on the Love Pakefield Home Page

As with all websites the Love Pakefield homepage is the most visited page within the site. 75% of people who visit Love Pakefield will view our homepage.

If your business wishes to gain maximum exposure from the Love Pakefield website you will want to occupy advertsing space that will be positioned on the centre of the websites home page. When people click on your advert they will be taken to your business advertising page within Love Pakefield Southwold or directly to your own website.

Prices start from just £100 per year to be featured on the homepage, so please contact us to discuss which space we have available.

Interested in Bespoke & Premium Home Page Advertising Opportunities on Love Pakefield?

We also welcome approaches for bespoke advertising packages within Love Pakefield. Perhaps your business may want to enquire about sponsoring the entire website? or Sponsoring a particular page? for these any other form of bespoke advertising opportunities please get in touch.

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