Pakefield Bids Farewell to K.E. Hutson

The ongoing financial crisis has claimed its latest victim, as Pakefield’s best-loved butcher, K.E. Hutson, has been forced to close its doors for the last time.

Hutson’s was first opened in 1947, and has been passed from father to son ever since. The current owner, Cleeve Hutson, blamed supermarkets, telling the Evening News “They are killing the small shop off. Younger people seem to prefer going to a supermarket to do all their shopping in one go. It is just very sad that the traditional high street and its shops are disappearing. Britain used to be a nation of small shop- keepers but now it is becoming a nation of just very large shops.”

Here at Love Pakefield, we’re passionate about local shops, and we’d like to pay tribute to Hutson’s (and to their legendary sausages). With Supermarkets threatening our local shops, it’s time for everyone to do their bit. So go on, next time you need some supplies, go local.

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