Pakefield High School

A new dawn on secondary education has started with Pakefield High School in Pakefield, Lowestoft, Suffolk

Pakefield High Contact Details:

Tel: 01502 530750
Fax: 01502 532432
Pakefield High School, breeding quality young adultsUntil 2011 Pakefield’s educational needs were met by a three-tiered educational system featuring primary, middle and high schools, but as part of the move to a more modern two-tier system which eliminates middle schools, Pakefield High has been awarded multiple government grants to allow for a state of the art expansion.

The first phase of the expansion is now complete, following a £7.5m cash injection from the local council, and pupils will begin to use the new buildings from spring 2012. Further phases of improvement will see the introduction of new facilities, including top-class sports training and fully equipped science labs.

Pakefield High School Calendar:

Autumn Term 2011

Begins 5 September 2011
Ends 16 December 2011

Autumn Half Term

Begins 24 October 2011
Ends 28 October 2011

Christmas Holiday

Begins 19 December 2011
Ends 3 January 2012

Spring Term 2012

Term Begins for Pupils: Wednesday 4th January 2012
Ends 30 March 2012

Spring Half Term

Begins 13 February 2012
Ends 17 February 2012

Spring Break

Begins 2 April 2012
Ends 13 April 2012

Summer Term 2012

Term Begins for Pupils: 17th April 2012
Ends 23 July 2012

Summer Half Term

Begins 4 June 2012
Ends 8 June 2012

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