Pakefield Rental Rescue

Until the global financial crisis put the brakes on banks’ willingness to lend, keeping track of your property portfolio was easy – with cheap credit, plentiful tenants and endless options to expand your portfolio, it didn’t matter if you lost a few pounds here and there through lax organisation.

But now, as the rental market gets increasingly competitive, and mortgage rates mean your margins are squeezed tighter and tighter, Pakefield’s landlords are crying out for a streamlined, simple software solution. Thankfully, the latest generation of property management software from CFP Software makes monitoring your property portfolio a breeze, and lets you tighten up your operation in all the right places.

From deposit handling to maintenance, mortgage tracking to handy statistics, CFP’s property management software is designed to help you get the most out of your properties, and to weather the financial storm. In a climate where every pound counts, can you afford not to check out CFP’s property management software?

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