Picturesque Pakefield is Hot Property

Thanks to the picturesque Suffolk coast, Pakefield has always drawn more than its fair share of homebuyers, but in these troubled financial times, what can local estate agents do to stay ahead of the big national companies?

Large, national agencies may lack the personal touch, but their huge marketing budgets and hi-tech online tools mean that buyers are increasingly likely to use them over a smaller local firm. But now, with the advent of Lettings Software from CFP, the underdogs are fighting back. CFP’s software allows even the smallest firms to make use of technology that puts them on a par with the largest national agencies, including web based portfolios, interactive customer management and even dedicated smartphone apps for both iPhone and Android.

Combining cutting edge online tools with the local firm’s traditional personal touch, it looks like Lettings Software might just turn the tables on the big boys.

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