Struggling with Internet Connection in Pakefield? Try Eclipse Broadband

We’ve all been there, some, a lot more than others. Getting good Broadband in Pakefield can be bothersome, but not anymore……….

We have been on the look out for a good and reliable internet broadband provider for residents of Pakefield and we are glad to have found one. We have recently moved over to Eclipse Internet recently and this is why we can suggest the residents of Pakefield give them a look as they were helpful before buying, fast at installing and offered great customer services. Buy hey, don’t just take our word for it, please see below for what Eclipse have to say about themselves…….

Eclipse Internet Provider – About us

Since starting in 1995 Eclipse have grown considerably and now employ over 100 passionate people. All our teams are in one, open plan office – from marketing, customer service, technical support to software development. Eclipses experts have inside-out knowledge of our products and how they work and Eclipse still get excited about new technology – especially as technology trends continue to change at a rapid rate. In 2004, Eclipse joined the KCOM Group Plc and now operate independently as the group’s national SMB and mid market brand. This is why residents of Pakefield can trust Eclipse to provide better and more reliable intern connections. Visit their website and see what you think.

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