The Best Pakefield Books

buy History-books-About-Lowestoft-SuffolkNow an integral part of Lowestoft, Pakefield was once a tiny clifftop village. Archaeologists have uncovered neolithic implements which show that Pakefield was one of the earliest known human settlements in Britain.

Pakefield benefited from the herring boom of the early twentieth century, and today fishermen still operate from Pakefield’s stony beach.

With so much history just under the surface, it’s no wonder that some wonderful books about Pakefield have been written. We’ve picked out some of the very best for anyone looking for Pakefield history or books on Pakefield.

Pakefield church sits atop the windswept cliffs, and has been a source of inspiration for centuries. B.P.W. Stather’s Flinten History: The Story of Pakefield and its Church. tells the story of this unique place fo worship, and is a great start for anyone looking to find out about the history of the village.

John Holmes is a local historian who has collected some incredible eyewitness accounts and anecdotes about Pakefield history. His first book is out of print, but you can still get hold of copies of More Memories of Pakefield, which paints an enchanting picture of the village.

Due to its clifftop position, Pakefield has always been under threat from erosion. Betty and Peter Cherry’s Pakefield and Kessingland: Scourge of Sea Erosion in Old Postcards charts the changing coastline through a unique look at some incredible vintage postcards. This is a real must-read for anyone with an interest in Pakefield books.

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