The Stars are Out in Pakefield

As part of the BBC’s Stargazing LIVE series, the Pakefield-based Lowestoft and Yarmouth Regional Astronomers’ Society is holding a series of observation nights

These nights will see keen amateur astronomers try to catch a glimpse of some rare and wonderful celestial sights.

The stargazing meetings are aimed at enthusiasts of every level, with experienced members offering their expertise to newcomers, and all are welcome to join.

Among the sights to be seen this week are four of Jupiter’s moons, some rarely-glimpsed nebulae and for those with access to a powerful telescope, some fascinating star clusters. As well as this, atmospheric conditions are just right for observing Andromeda, our closest neighbouring Galaxy (although at 2.5 million light years away, close may not be the word).

So if you’re a keen stargazer looking to link up with other enthusiasts, or you’re a beginner to the hobby, the Lowestoft and Yarmouth Regional Astronomers’ Society is a great place to learn more about the universe. If you want to join them, visit their site and head down to Pakefield Cliffs for your chance to see some truly unique heavenly objects.

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