Time To Go Local

Last week we reported on the sad closure of K.E. Hutsons butchers in Pakefield, and after a week without Hutson’s famous sausages Pakefield is feeling the loss.

So what can we do to help our local shopkeepers keep their heads above water?

It can be very tempting to just buy everything you need from the supermarket, especially since meat, bread and other potentially local products are often heavily discounted.

But supermarket quality can’t match the local shop – just compare a Hutson’s sausage to a supermarket sausage and you’ll see the difference. So next time you’re out for the weekly shop, take a few extra minutes to see what our fantastic local shops have to offer.

Many have spoken about how much they would like a greengrocer’s for Pakefield, but after the departure of Hutson’s, investors are growing wary. So let’s do all we can to support the local economy, and create a market for fantastic products like Hutson’s.

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